Album Notes

Dark Synergy, aka ‘the ‘I’ album’, is both dark and heavy featuring Col’s heaviest songs while still maintaining an element of listenability. ‘I felt the “You Are The Killer” EP was on the light side of my repertoire and wanted to let loose on the darker side with “I”. ‘I really wanted to make an impact,  or a statement if you like, as to who I am’ Col Feb 2013

Featuring Col on lead vox, guitars, songwriting, and production, “I” has well surpassed anything that Col originally envisaged. ‘When Simone and Stuart came on board as co-producers the whole album was raised a bar’ ‘The first mix and master we weren’t happy with – so Stuart oversaw the remixing with Russell at Damien Gerard in Jan 2013, then Leon Zervos mastered the final mixes at Studios 301 Mastering, Sydney – I am beyond happy with the result’ Col Feb 2013

Dark Synergy features eight heavy rock/alternate/metal tracks that were all given the same billing by the producers. Derived from raw demos produced by Col in 2006, and melded into something that can only be described as a modern masterwork of performance, content, and production Dark Synergy “I” lays the foundation that all Dark Synergy releases will be built on. Featuring lyrics that deal with such things as alcohol addiction, religion, The Devil, spirituality, sci-fi realities, futuristic drugs, time travel, and alternate dimensions, Dark Synergy is ahead of it’s time and exists in it’s own space. ‘This album Dark Synergy – “I” has become an entity of it’s own’, ‘It is almost like the music is a living breathing creature, a part of my inner self – enjoy and rock on fans’ Col 2013.



Dark Synergy was formed in April 2007 by guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Col Brown, after spending four years from 2003 to 2006 writing and editing demos on his digital recorder and at Damien Gerard Red Stairs Pro-Tools Studio with recording engineer Kristian Hill, in Sydney.


Col began his musical journey at age 12 when a friend taped him KISS Alive II. From this Col would later hone in on Mark Knofler’s guitar work on Dire Straits – Communique and Alchemy. After working as a storeman when living in Cambridge UK in 1986 instead of going to school, Col saved enough to buy his first boom-box (which lasted till 1996 recording amongst others, rehearsals of Frozen In Time and Freezin’ Time). Back in Australia Col began listening to songs by David Gilmour and Pink Floyd as well as Eric Clapton – the ball had started rollin! Col’s desire to teach himself guitar hit peak in 1990 after meeting EC after a concert at The Sebel Townhouse in Sydney.  After three years of teaching himself guitar, Col joined a local cover band The Scam in 1993 in Adelaide SA, playing lead guitar. A year later Col left the band due to tensions between band members and his desire to write his own music and lyrics.

Col’s alias comes from the song ‘Dark Synergy’ written by him in 2006. Dark Synergy expands the limits of rock by blending  rock, heavy rock, punk, and metal, folk acoustic as well as sci-fi and goth influences producing Col’s own unique style. The first Dark Synergy release, the EP titled “You Are The Killer”, features lead singer Nellie Mokbel, and was released independently June 2009 on the then Dark Synergy Records (DSR) featuring Simone White (ex Michael Franti – Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy and Spearhead) on drums, as well as Stuart J. Spaans on fretless and standard electric bass. ”You Are The Killer” won both, national and international fans, via and

The title track from the EP, “You Are The Killer” rotated on, Australia Top 50 for 4 months and won Ugly Phil’s unsigned band competition 2nd December 2009 on Triple M FM Australia. Both the tracks “You Are The Killer” and “No Illusions” have been played on internet radio stations in the USA, and “No Illusions” was included on the USA Gothic compilation CD “The Funeral Vol 4”. In March 2011, Col signed a worldwide distribution deal for the “You Are The Killer” EP, with Blue Pie Records, Australia.

Col’s second Dark Synergy release, the self titled ‘Dark Synergy’ – “I”, eight track album was released online as a download only, in late 2013 and received rave feedback on The physical digipak CD will be available direct from in 2015.

Col won a grant from Arts SA, to part fund the album, based on the quality of the “You Are The Killer” EP and co-sponsorship with The Royal Institution, Australia (RiAus).

The first raw incarnation of Dark Synergy – “I” was officially launched in June, 2012 at The Royal Institution, Australia (RiAus). Col was interviewed Molly Meldrum style by old “Hack” / “Journo”, Peter Gill  about his musical journey, and performed three songs in solo mode. See the interview and song edits at The album was then remixed and remastered for the final much anticipated 2013 download release.

Col was interviewed by Chris “Crash” Carpenter on Coast FM, Adelaide in Feburary 2014, and the phones went hot when tracks from Dark Synergy – “I” were played. The interview is available to listen to at

Col has completed recording and mixing his third Dark Synergy release, ‘The Alcohol Ride’, a twelve track album, drawing inspiration from Col’s twelve year struggle with alcohol addiction, as well as a lifelong struggle with depression, and anxiety. The album is being produced by Col with bass player, Stuart J. Spaans , and again features Simone White on drums, as well as Gray Read on harmonica. ‘The Alcohol Ride’ album is set for a 2016 release.

Col Brown

Col was born in Liverpool, England and grew up in Sydney, Australia. Col began playing guitar at age 20 after being highly influenced by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, and especially Eric Clapton. Col met Eric after a concert in Sydney in 1990 and was so inspired that he began teaching himself guitar. After completing a degree in Mining Engineering and graduating with Honours, Col turned his full attention to his music.

Col has been writing and refining his music for the best part of a decade. Highly influenced by Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, Alice In Chains, Ministry, Ozzy Osbourne, and David Bowie, Col developed his own style of songwriting and production, as well as a repertoire consisting now of the debut  Dark Synergy EP – “You Are The Killer“, the Dark Synergy – “I” album, as well as the still to be released, second Dark Synergy album,  ‘The Alcohol Ride’.

Having demonstrated  an  innate  talent to teach himself guitar and vocals, Col enjoyed some opportunities to play lead guitar and perform locally as a member of the Cover Band The Scam, in Adelaide, South Australia in 1994. At that time,  The Scam received radio promotion on the Triple M radio network and opened for Appetite For Destruction (Guns N’ Roses Tribute Show) to a packed to capacity house at The Venue,  Adelaide.

The remixed and remastered Dark Synergy – ‘I’ digipak album will be available for purchase from Col’s official site late 2015, and is currently available for download at all major online retailers. “You will not be disappointed!” Col / DS

Col’s haunting trademark heavy metal riffs, acoustic guitar, dark left of center, sci-fi /goth, minimalist lyrics, cool vox, and searing lead guitar solos are the essence of Dark Synergy.

Col pre-launched   the Dark Synergy – ‘I’ album at the Royal Institution Australia (RiAus), Adelaide  June 15th 2012 and gave an in-depth interview with old “journo”, Peter Gill about his musical journey (the interview and solo live performance edits will be available to view at